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The Things That Break Us


When a car accident shatters the life of Nikki Ruiz by stealing her best friend, Nikki starts to lose herself. When Kat's journal is found, filled with letters and unsaid words, Nikki knows what she has to do. Following the names of those who were swept up in Kat's wonderstruck life, Nikki takes to the road with unexpected faces and hidden secrets.
Between the energetic, tied-together-with-a-smile Avery, the secretive Storm, and Nikki's ex-boyfriend-turned-druggie, Ryan, Nikki knows she has her hands full. Her life isn't the only one being ripped at the seams, though, and no one's quite ready to save themselves.
Nine letters, four people, one guitar, and a million secrets.
No one said it was going to be easy.


  • 107973 words
  • About 432 pages
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