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The Truth About Happiness (#1 Tainted duology)


One campus party brings Èmilia and Micah into each other's lives. On this specific night, after one of Èmilia's most embarrassing moments, they discuss their theories on happiness. Till this day, the events that transpired in Micah's life eight years ago remain with him. And the thought that he shouldn't be alive still haunts him. A distraction comes along in the form of a stranger on his application, x/o. Èmilia's pessimistic side is determined to forget the night of the party however she is hopeful she'll run into that perfect stranger again. She finds herself believing that all the small tragedies throughout her existence won't win as Micah embeds himself in her life. And her deteriorating mental state seems to become a matter of the past until two secrets kept by the people she cares for most, rob her of the happiness she created.


  • 100973 words
  • About 404 pages
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