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The Water Weaver


Cursed by the power to shape the seas, Inessa Talanova never expected to become Queen - not after her mother withered away beneath her fingertips. Although shunned by her father for a decade, his dying wish is for his only child to succeed him. But sovereignty proves the least of Inna's concerns when her magic spirals out of control and she kills the man she was to marry.

Branded a witch, Inna longs to remove her curse and return as Queen. But the only way to escape her kingdom is to sail under Captain Glyn, a ruthless pirate more interested in her magic than any treasure. Beneath his charm lies a dark, revenge-fuelled plot - one which may very well cost her life.

Despite everything opposing her, Inna is determined to make her father proud and become the Queen he wished for her to be. Even if that means betraying Captain Emrys Glyn.


  • 98940 words
  • About 396 pages
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