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The Wilds


The town has been fighting the Wilds for generations.
The Wilds... Townspeople once banished for being feral and violent, now roam the woods seeking vengeance. To distinguish themselves from the Wilds, townies never lose control over their emotions or appearance, and never go into the woods.
Except one.
Helen loves the woods. In town, she's a Hunter training to fight the Wilds she hates. In the woods, she can give in to the urge to run uninhibited, away from the stifling watch of others.
But as the Hunters tighten their grip on her, and Helen finds herself tempted by an enemy who encourages her to embrace her savage side, she soon realizes the town has its own dangers. She will be forced to either give up the woods and follow the Hunters, or face the truth that the beast born from fear might be worse than the wild within.


  • 125989 words
  • About 504 pages
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