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Travis and the Heart of Water


Travis thought his whole life was going to be spent in the small Kingdom of Dwr. But his life changes when he finds a strange glowing stone and discovers it has the power of cleaning water that has been contaminated for several centuries. He's named Prince of Dwr by Golau, the guardian dragon of the kingdom and receives the mission of leading all the people across the desert and take them all to an area of Earth that has remained virgin and untouched by humans. Travis meets Natalie, a beautiful girl from a foreign kingdom and they soon fall in love with each other. Together, they fight witches and desert beasts as they slowly approach the last kingdom in Europe where...


  • 56802 words
  • About 227 pages
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  • Heat

    6 (8 ratings)

  • Tears

    4 (5 ratings)

  • Laughs

    5 (6 ratings)

  • Thrills

    6 (7 ratings)

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