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Unknown Treachery


Tavera, an unstable country built on the blood and efforts of the arachnidan species, and the current Rulers attempting to murder them into extinction.

Minerva, shifter arachnidan, and gifted with speed in digging and finding precious ores. Her life peaceful until a set of conniving relatives seemingly try poisoning them to death.

On the premise of dreams, Minerva, her twin brother Richland, and several cousins flee with seconds to spare from the only home they know. Their cousins send them halfway to an academy they learned is filled with unknown treachery, but unexpected allies.

Scared, desperate, but determined to live, Minerva is shocked when a unique boy comes out of nowhere and is attacked when he's merely greeting and warning them of trouble coming to find them from within.


  • 64458 words
  • About 258 pages
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