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Wayward Hearts


Juliette Love has always made up her own rules, even when they don’t make sense to anyone else. From her funky vintage sense of fashion to her offbeat taste in music, nineteen-year-old Juliette is an impetuous free spirit immune to anyone’s criticism. After her latest epic breakup, no one was truly surprised to learn that without warning Juliette had abandoned her beloved English Lit studies and dropped out of college to buy Wayward Hearts, a tiny eclectic diner known for the best pancakes on the East Coast. Convinced that Mr. Right does not exist, Juliette pours herself into her business and swears off love altogether. While her diner thrives, Juliette does her best to ignore her broken heart. She may hate romance now, but little does Juliette know how much that will change the day R.J. Valentino walks through her door.


  • 67923 words
  • About 272 pages
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