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When I Forgot to Let You Go


17-year-old Kat Sparks is looking forward to senior year, most of all a fresh start, and with her best friend Bran at her side, anything seems possible. But when childhood crush/boy next door Chase Summers starts popping up in Kat's life again, old feelings quickly begin to resurface. Kat, however, has no patience for Chase's recent white knight routine, refusing to be saved by the boy who ditched their friendship for the popular crowd 5 years ago.

As Kat tries fighting their connection out of fear Chase will push her away again for his friends and reputation, an accident from last summer threatens to break Kat's world in two, forcing her to finally come to terms with the horrible truth of losing someone she forgot to let go. Will Chase be able to save her from this too? Or will the loss and grief finally be too much for Kat to take?


  • 83085 words
  • About 332 pages
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