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When The Darkness Comes


Jazz wanted her last days of summer vacation with her family to be a memorable one. A day of happy memories to take with her when she finally goes off to college and away from her loved ones. So, when they decided to spend the day on a secluded beach called Lonely Boy, she obliged.

There, they come across a few strangers and in that short space of time, friendships are forged, enemies are made and a potential love interest is even found.

However, as the few blissful moments go by, strange events begin to unfold.

Reality becomes blurred as a new and terrifying world reveals itself.

Jazz and the others must now try to battle their way through a preternatural phenomenon that threatens their existence.

As the precious minutes count down, as they begin to die one by one, the only thing on Jazz's mind is...



  • 79048 words
  • About 316 pages
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