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Who. Are. You


The popular girls at St. Coleridge’s like to play a game. Each week a name is randomly generated on their computer and sent to their smart phones. They have seven days to ruin their victim’s life. Seven days to wreak havoc.

These acts of destruction can seem minor but have a sinister ripple effect. Stealing someone’s gym clothes, seducing a love interest. It all helps ring leader, Tess Robertson maintain her status as head girl. And if you don’t play by her rules you’re out of the group.

Bonnie Peters knows how cold it is on the outside. She’ll do anything to stay on Tess’ good side, to remain among St. Coleridge’s elite. That is until she’s sent her own name. No one from their group has ever been selected before. Is Tess deliberately messing with the game, deliberately trying to edge her out?


  • 52054 words
  • About 208 pages
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